North Shore Meadows Habitat Restoration 2004

Beginning in the Summer of 2004, The Shasta Wildflowers Project began participating with Tom Hesseldenz and Associates in the North Shore Meadows Restoration Project at Lake Siskiyou near the City of Mount Shasta. The map below illustrates the various habitats studied around the lake in the process of gathering native wildflower and grass seed which was later sown in the meadow. Begin by clicking on the colored habitat area for the North Shore Restoration Meadow on the map below to bring up a description of the habitat, prescribed treatment for the meadow, and plant lists.

Also, mouseover any of the otherdry or wet habitat areas for the name, then click on the colored area to open up a plant list and description. In addition to the areas shown on this map, seed and data were also gathered for the restoration project from the nearby Cantara-Ney Springs Meadows, the Frog Pond meadow and a small wet meadow at the Boundary of the USFS land and the County land west of the lake on North Shore Road.

Note: The associated species lists for this map are a work in progress and not a complete botanical survey as observations were begun in late July with only sporadic observations before that during the Spring. Also while some notes were made on the grasses and trees, they are not included in the plant lists for most habitats, with the exception of the North Shore Restoration meadows for which baseline surveys were conducted.

north shore east meadow

north shore wet meadow wet delta meadow Sacramento River Gravel Beds south shore meadow tributary gravel bed Red Hill Road wet campground meadow dry campground meadow WABarrRd Campground fishtail roadcut WA Barr Road mill creek meadows wagon creek bend wagon creek woodland spini point wet meadow spini point dry meadow north shore east meadow north shore restoration meadows North Shore Woodland dry delta meadow