Scarlet Fritillary , Fritillaria recurva


Phantom Orchid
family- Liliaceae, Lily location- South Fork Sacramento River , Siskiyou County, CA
elevation- 3600 ft date- 5/02/04

other names- Red Bells, Scarlet Missionbells habitat- open dry slopes in mixed woodlands range- CA mountains and N CA Coast Ranges, up to 6500 ft, N to Southern Oregon, E to Western Nevada description- plant up to 3 ft tall, smooth mottled greenish-gray stem with whorls of linear to narrowly lancelike leaves, alternate leaves on upper stem, showy scarlet bell-shaped flowers checked with orange-yellow, petal tips noticeably curved back toward flower base etymology- from the Latin; fritillus- dicebox, referring to the checkered flowers, applications- as with other lilies, Native American tribes sometimes cooked and ate the bulbs. Research conducted in China has shown that compounds in other species of the fritillaria genus native to that region help inhibit the contraction of bronchial smooth muscle and decrease mucus secretion. Fritillaria is also used as a decongestant, and to reduce swelling.

CAUTION: Consult an expert before eating or using any wild plant for herbal applications.

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