Shasta Lily, Lilium washingtonianum
ssp. washingtonianum


Phantom Orchid
family- Liliaceae, Lily location- Everitt Memorial Hwy , Mount Shasta, CA
elevation- 4200 ft date- 7/03/03

other names- Washington Lily habitat- open montane woodlands and chaparral range- CA Cascades and Sierra Nevada mountains up to 6500 ft, N to S Oregon description- plant up to 8 ft tall, whorls of wavy-margined lancelike to ovate leaves, showy white to pinkish trumpet-shaped flowers with small purple dots, petal tips strongly curved back toward flower base etymology- washingtonianum- named after Martha Washington, wife of 1st president applications- as with other lilies, Native American tribes sometimes cooked and ate the bulbs. Dew from the flower has been used in flower essence therapy. historic note- Despite the popularized use of the name Shasta Lily, there is not a distinct subspecies of this plant specific to the Mt Shasta area. Local transplanting of Shasta Lilies for horticultural use in the early 20th century limited its habitat to the point of a law being enacted to preserve it on and near Mt Shasta.

CAUTION: Consult an expert before eating or using any wild plant for herbal applications.

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ssp. washingtonianum