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Fireman wanting fun with woman or couple

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Fireman wanting fun with woman or couple

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Editors handpick every product that we feature. We may earn commission from the links on this. As with so many fetishes, it was born of my reaction to a single human being: a certain Baby Fireman who contacted me via the Internet personals a while back. Though he Firemqn A LOT younger than I am, I decided to go out with wantinf because he looked so hot in his pictures kind of like an anime heroand I could tell from what he wrote that he was exceptionally smart and quite funny to boot. Plus, I figured that, if nothing else, I'd have something to blog about.

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F: Also, firemen like women who know how to empathize--good listeners. We're just really into what we do for a living.

I mean, do you say "Excuse me, but might I be able to slide down your pole? As a firefighter in a metropolitan area, I see the worst of the worst. F: I tell you what: If you have a nephew, bring him by the firehouse, and say, "This little guy loves the trucks--can he get a tour? We're family men. Also many city or county parks and recreation agencies have jobs with fire and ems duties and work similar shifts. FIREMAN who prefers to remain anonymous : No matter where you live--here in New York, or in Withh, or in Ireland, wherever you are--the best place to find them is simply outside of your local firehouse.

Probably less so. Sure, it might be tough for awhile, but come on.

Fireamn work I am in the mix of a big city fire department. There are also many departments that have inspection jobs, some of these positions include some fire response, particularly in smaller departments where staffing is hard to come by. Lastly, I would not like having my wife exposed to the toxic chemicals firefighters encounter on a regular basis.

However my girlfriend is also in that same pursuit, though she is many miles behind me on the road to the badge I see a potential problem. And of course, there's a lot to recommend firefighters. When the weather's nice, they're often hanging around outside. My wife was in fire when we met, she maintains her connection to the fire service by taking classes when possible and volunteering with the local VFD until our child is old enough to allow 2 working spouses, what happens then we will see.

The fires make them especially sweaty, which is why they have to remove their clothing sometimes. If worse comes to worse, are you willing to give her up for a fire service career? I have a brother who is an engineer for LA County. So that means sports bars with cheap drinks.

We're supposed to be tough guys, and to pretend the stuff we do doesn't scare us. I cannot imagine my wife being involved in the same competitive environment.

I worry about him too. Rescue me! I am crazy about this girl and don't want to lose her, I wont give up my career goal and I could not ask her to give it up either. I mean, when I go jogging, I often run past the fire house around the corner from me, and seeing all those big strong dudes standing around with their arms crossed--it can be intimidating!

F: Ones where there are cheap drinks. As many of you know, the fire station life can become pretty competitive and intense. Editors handpick every product that we feature. As far as kids, I mean, worry about it until it comes to that point.

Fireman wanting fun with woman or couple

With sith I don't have a nephew, but I can't wait to find a small child to use as a pawn. Good luck and if you both work on the options it is quite possible you can make this work. How about you both get hired, and then consider making a life together.

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MK: Ohhh-kay. MK: Ah, I see. Also many city or county parks and recreation agencies have jobs with fire and ems duties and work similar shifts. Don't worry so much.

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He is now a full-time firefighter and I just got hired as one. That's part of the reason we do the job.

Personally I wouldn? I really believe that talking a problem through with someone can help solve any issue. One of things I like best is that she spends her days helping people and wznting isn. How do you get through this dilemma? An especially good time is when there's a change of tour: when some guys are getting off and their replacements are just statrting.

When I get off a 72 I am riled up from the fire station bantering and the fending for myself at the kitchen table. MK: Last question, Mr.

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Basically it sounds like you need Firsman set some priorities, also don't discount the fact your GF could end up with a job first and you could be the one looking for an alternate, it wouldn't be the first time I've heard of that occuring. MK: Uh womzn that mean yo you guys cheat on your wives a lot? MK: Believe me, I won't have to act. We like to go out a lot, have fun, go to bars, be with our buddies.

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That's my problem: I'm a real shrinking violet. We both worked together as "part-timers" for about 2 years and to my suprise and excitement he got picked up before me recently with a great department.

Alex: Thinking this throught waaaaaaay down the road and keeping both feet firmly rooted in reality Have you painted yourself into the proverbial corner where there will be heartbreak one way or the other here? Finally there is the volunteer angle, for some being Fireamn volunteer with the local department can satisfy the firefighting bug while they persue a more practical vocation firefighting really is a terrible job, too bad its so addictive.