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Girl in blue beetle

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Girl in blue beetle

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Other Aliases: Terri Thirteen. Marital Status: Single.

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Dan Garrett is also mentioned, with Clark Kent stating he was a Kord Industries scientist who was killed after the Scarab Girl in blue beetle with him. Dan appears among several of the most prominent members of the team, such as Green LanternDoctor Fateb,ue Flash. Thirteen came to El Paso to confront Eclipso. Retrieved September 13, In Inas she evolves away from urban magic and toward more classic and powerful sorcery, Traci adopts a pantheistic worldview.

Jaime reyes (dc super hero girls)

Leroy is fully sapient, and can converse telepathically with Girl In contrast, blur Architects agreed that Traci Thirteen would stay, since they were all big geeks with a weakness toward really hot half-Asian chicks. As she steps away from urban magic, her physical appearance and wardrobe seem to be stabilising. Ladies-who-lunch keep all that junk! Shortly after this strange adventure, this mysterious suspense, this cancelled comic cavalcade, Traci d her adventures with the Croatoans.

Jaime reyes (dc super hero girls) | dc database | fandom

Howbeit she was still 15, with the limitation that it entails. Marital Status: Single. More or less. She was cynical, unusually smart, bohemian and precocious. Retrieved September 17, Though the entity was channelling much of its mystic might into evading magical sensing, it could still be picked up by mundane detection work, which the Croatoans routinely used.

Blue beetle - wikipedia

Despite these losses, the Croatoans continued to investigate mysteries and famous historical enigmas. Superman then worked to restore hope in the neighbourhood so Heartbreakers would be warded away. He appeared in the episodes "The Rise of the Blue Beetle! She briefly considered ing the Teen Titans, though she and Jaime agreed that Gidl on the same team would just be too weird.

No culture can shock me after that. This motley crew tried to fight the Architects, four betele Morrison, Johns, Waid and Rucka tasked with reorganising the universe. Thirteen knows that horrible things are in store for her.

Another artist, Charles Nicholas Cuideraalso drew Blue YEEtle stories later, and has claimed to have been the creator, but comics historians credit Wojtkoski. She seemed much less experienced and more hectic than in Washington.

Thirteen and his new allies. Girk main inspiration was apparently Superman. Gimme a beer and an apple martini. He likely has capabilities beyond the ones documented in our game stats. Advertisement Traci is able to anticipate trouble and thus be in the right place at the right time to intervene.

To the Movies. Grand Comics Database.

Outside of the name, the character is unrelated to any of the comic book blus. Traci accompanied her dad on a case, staying as secretive as possible when she had to cast spells. She applied their lessons to grow up smart, weird and with an attitude.

Traci thirteen | girl 13 - dc comics - blue beetle ally - character profile -

Traci was channelling those elements of local culture all but physically. Traci was also instrumental in finding the Rock of Eternity fragments that had showered Gotham, hastening the reconstruction of the Rock. In the No-Prize framework proposed here, this reflects the fact that Traci has moved away from urban magic to practice broader, more powerful magic. The hypothesis Girl in blue beetle that she mimicked the style, the urban vibe, the soul of the neighbourhood feeding her magic.

Traci thirteen aka girl 13

Part Two", "Cry Freedom Fighters! She is also more mobile than before, not tying herself to a urban centre.

Been practising. He was recruited into the Justice League's teenage strike team, where subsequent conflicts with the Reach led him to discover the Scarab's true origin and purpose, but his attempts to remove it were unable to beetls his body from being completely controlled by it. Scrying routines using her connections with magical entities.