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In search of tantric massage

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In search of tantric massage

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Welcome to my world, my atmosphere and enjoy it!!! I am a young person of 26 years old and I am Franco-Spanish. I came to Switzerland in search of knowing other cultures and I loved it and I stayed. I studied two careers, and I currently speak 5 languages.

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Massage Genève - Massage Tantric Genève My private Institut of well being seardh I came to Switzerland in search of knowing other cultures and I loved it and I.

Let yourself go and get in touch with your deepest feelings and emotions here with us. With roots dating back to ancient times, tantric massage is all about reaching tranquillity and relaxation with a partner or alone. During the preliminary talk we will discuss the focus of your massage with you and possibly set some boundaries which can however be redefined during the massage. It is not given simply without positive energy exchange, and less to toxic and negative people, because afterwards we get sick.

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Creatively and imaginatively, sensually, playfully and with trained intuition we will put you into a deep relaxed state with the aid of sounds, scents, feathers and scarves. Practical advice for Anal- and Prostate Massage For the massage of anus and prostate we use hygienic examination gloves and lubricants. We perform the massage with a glove.

On the other hand, a new world of sexual experience will open up tnatric you tatnric approach your partner with love, clarity and adoration.

A simple guide to tantric massage

We use this massage to help you get in touch with yourself and be open to your feelings and emotions. This deepens your experience and feeling and creates a good basis for more pleasure and vital energy. So to remove doubts and mistrust that my profile is false, I leave massagf this whole information. My body is perfect and my harmonious figure will enchant you with magic and the most intense highlight that you In search of tantric massage ever tasted!

A simple guide to tantric massage. I have been a "Pro Masseuse" for almost 7 years. But whatever you give, you get it back in automatic. Leave your wishes in my hands and I promise you that you will experience something unforgettable, special, wonderful, that will leave you wanting more!

Tantra massage

It comes from a type of ritual that has been found in the sacred books of Hinduism. It's all about tranquillity and.

. Perfection, satisfaction, gentleness, special and unique treatment are my priority! I am therefore a conductor of this energy, I guide you physically and spiritually until you can extend this vibration to the limit. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. We recommend that you receive this ritual blindfolded in order to limit your senses, enabling you to experience stronger inner feelings.

Tantra massage - wikipedia

If it is tense, cramped, hardened, for example due to stress, then the feeling is restricted and functional disorders can occur. And it became popular in the 11th and 12th centuries, which is today considered a philosophy of life. Nuru Ritual In this In search of tantric massage creation the elements of water and fire meet. It will take you in a succession of waves more intense the ones than the others in a whirlpool in which you will become spectator of this sensual epiphany.

First you have a talk with the masseuse or masseur during which the intention, duration and seagch of the massage will be discussed. And will give you space for more sensuality, new experiences and transformations. Tantra massage, or tantric massage, are two defined massages developed in Berlin in Erotic massage which incorporates elements from the neotantric. Very dedicated and passionate.

You can compare and verify the difference. I have fairy hands, a soft and delicate touch. After receiving individually, a slow and delicate tantric massage to awaken your sensual energy, we will accompany you to find together the path to a new shared eroticism. Although, for this purpose, this practice uses sexual energy, the ecstasy of pleasure is not the very goal of Tantra, but the means by which it can liberate man and lead him to spiritual fullness, to pure consciousness.

Find a tantric masseuse near you | uk massage guide

Tantra massage[ edit ] The massage includes various techniques from different schools of massage with elements from yogabioenergeticsand sexual therapy. Erotic massages are one thing and sex is another.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. A simple guide to tantric massage It's all about tranquillity and relaxation. I travel a lot and it is the best and most important experience that I want to carry with me in my heart and mind. seach

And to come directly to an appointment is needed a minimum 40 min in advance if you are close, and 1H if you're not. And for the external application, the supporting effect of a pH-neutral soap. Like I said, I'm reciprocal, and the same way you approach me, I will give you back. Enjoy it and enjoy it!

This means: is a massage adapted to sex, which le to the climax with more intensity and duration. Even more than for the other proposals of massage, this ritual will require a time of infusion and return still read long, and you will feel the beneficial effects, long afterwards.

Turn off your phone. It's something incredible, magical and very functional! We proceed very carefully and slowly.